Services Sundays at 10:30am   |   Masks Highly Recommended
3105 W. Thurston Avenue
Services Sundays at 10:30am   |   Masks Highly Recommended
3105 W. Thurston Avenue



A gospel-centered, multi-ethnic church planting church called to help you flourish


Physical Services

Physical Services: Every Sunday at 10:30am

Where: 3105 W. Thurston Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53209

Zoom Services

Zoom Services: Every Sunday beginning Sep. 26, 2021 at 5:30pm

Wednesday Night Bible Study: Every Wednesday at 6pm on Zoom

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The church planting scene in the central city of Milwaukee is fairly problematic and serves as an indictment on both the Black and White church.

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Subsequently, one would be hard pressed to find any Black churches raising up and supporting church planters outside of a multi-site situation. In contrast, while White churches plant churches in the central-city, there is a disconnect when it comes to embracing the central city context; and having a fair representation of multi-ethnic leadership and decision making. Unfortunately, the suburban cookie-cutter approach applied to a central city context commonly ends up in a failed church plant. In many cases, these plants include a church planter that is a transplant instead of an indigenous minister empowered to further the kingdom in a central city context. In other cases, and much like the Black church, a White church may forgo an autonomous plant altogether; and instead, only add an additional site to their number. Consequently, without the presence of contextually appropriate bible-based church plants, more people in Milwaukee are leaving traditional churches and transitioning to nothing. Further exacerbating the problem is a growing demographic of central-city residents who have completely lost faith in the church altogether due to either personal experience or negative perception. Additionally, other doctrines such as the Black Israelites are beginning to take up residence in Milwaukee. Without the infusion of new gospel centered churches being planted in the context of the central city, the gospel will be under heavy attack in Milwaukee. Currently, options could be much better when it comes to a contextually appropriate, bible based, multi-ethnic, central city church.


In conjunction with Central City Church Planters, Uflourish will plant five churches over the next five years.  

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Be that as it may, and in an effort to address the lack of church planting in Milwaukee, a culture of church planting among the Black church community in partnership with White suburban churches must be built.

Keys to success

  • Create new assessments best defining the characteristics needed for a central city church planter
  • Build strong central city church planting network
  • Create urban/suburban church planting partnerships
  • Plant churches that plant churches
  • Identify and equip indigenous central-city church planters
  • Establish a contextualized funding model










  • UFlourish Church

    OUR FAQs

Q:What type of teaching will be employed?

The teaching model at Uflourish Church will include multi-ethnic team teaching centered on expository preaching through entire books of the bible.

Q:What style of worship can I expect?

The worship style to be employed at Uflourish will be a unique blend of authentic worship from two or more cultures. An example would include an authentic mix of K-Love and contemporary gospel.

Q:How long will the services last?

The typical worship service of Uflourish Church will last one hour and 10 minutes.

Q:How will the church be involved in local outreach?

Positively impacting the space we occupy will be key to who we are. We intend to be at the forefront in serving and partnering with organizations already doing great things in our community.

Q:What is the dress code?

There will be no official dress code to abide by. Feel free to dress comfortably as you attend our services.